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Climate Control

A common concern first time storage renters have is whether or not their belongings will hold up in a run-of-the-mill storage unit. Many materials stored long-term can fall victim to fading, melting, rust, mildew or mold.  When packing and storing personal valuables, you can alleviate this worry by renting a climate controlled unit. 

Climate Controlled Storage Units

Know the difference

Our climate controlled units maintain a stable environment in which the temperature is kept at a level that is optimal for storing sensitive materials. Much like the atmosphere of your home's living quarters,  when it’s hot outside, the unit remains cool, and when it’s cold outside, the unit stays warm enough to help materials maintain their integrity.  Rather than storing family heirlooms or fragile documents in a stuffy attic or damp basement closet, let Beyond Self Storage show you the difference our units can make! 

Our units are ideal for:

  • antique furniture
  • expensive musical instruments
  • artwork
  • wedding gowns/vintage apparel
  • leather furniture
  • household appliances
  • special collections/documents
  • electronics

If you have any questions about our climate control technology, don’t hesitate to contact the facility nearest you!