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Climate Control

When you need to store your belongings away from home, it’s common to have some stress and worry that your belongings won’t hold up well while they’re in storage. A lot of materials can fall victim to damages like fading, rust, melting, mildew, and mold when being stored long term. If you’re storing something valuable or sensitive to damage, you can avoid this stress and worry by renting a climate-controlled storage unit.

A climate-controlled unit maintains a stable environment in which the temperature is kept at a level that is optimal for storing sensitive materials. When the weather changes outside, the climate-controlled unit stays exactly the same, all year long. This allows an atmosphere much like the inside of your home. When it’s hot outside, the unit remains cool, and when it’s cold outside, the unit stays warm enough to help materials maintain their integrity.

If your items are important to you and you want to ensure that they’re in great shape when you’re ready to retrieve them, climate control is an essential feature that can help you both protect your belongings and put your mind at ease. If you have any questions about our climate-control technology, don’t hesitate to contact the facility nearest you!

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