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Customer Protection Plan

If your current insurance policy does not cover off-site storage, we can direct you to our preferred third party insurance provider.  

Multiple Plans to Choose from:

  • $2,000 Coverage for $9/month 
  • $3,000 Coverage for $13/month
  • $5,000 Coverage for $21/month  

Our business clients likely already have a policy in place to protect their property, however may still wish to consider investing in the Customer Protection Plan offered, as it provides supplemental coverage for your items. There are many benefits, for both individuals and businesses, to using our Customer Protection Plan and you may be able to save on the cost of insuring your items. Any damage to your belongings in the event of a variety of accidental circumstances, including burglary, fire, tornado, and water damage, will be covered. The plan will also cover items in transit within 100 miles of the location for the low deductible of only $100 per claim; a benefit your homeowner's or renter's policy may not have.  

If you choose to use your homeowner's or renter's policy, please bring a copy of your Declarations Page or Certificate of Insurance.

Is Beyond Self Storage responsible for my items?

Industry-wide, self storage facilities do not exercise care, custody or control over any stored goods and have no liability for said goods stored within the property.  Therefore, self storage providers, including Beyond Self Storage facilities, are not responsible for the goods held within the property.  Every customer's lease agreement outlines the company's terms and conditions, and reiterates that the customer is held responsible for stored items and contractually agrees to not store items that are prohibited, hazardous, or illegal.

Helpful TIPS

RVs/Vehicles/Boats – Vehicles are not covered. We require vehicles to be covered by an existing auto insurance policy. Please bring current proof of insurance with you at time of parking space rental.

What's it Worth? – Doing your research and purchasing the appropriate amount of insurance guarantees that if you need to file a claim, your items are covered. 

List it – If your home or business insurance covers your storage unit, verify with your agent and ensure your items are listed on the policy.

Neither Beyond Self Storage, nor our employees, managers, or leasing agents are Insurance Agents. Please direct questions regarding policy options or your existing coverage to Bader Company: Toll Free: 888.223.3726 or Fax: 888.329.2237.

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